At Symborg we are committed to the constant achievement of the highest quality standards in each of our activities: research and development, production, trading and distribution, etc.

As world leaders in biotechnology, this commitment to quality drives us to seek continuous improvement of our products and attention to our customers. We work constantly to guarantee their satisfaction and loyalty throughout the world.

The company’s strategic direction is aimed at providing and maintaining a healthy and safe professional environment for our employees and a sustainable future through the fulfilment of environmental and professional best practices. In addition, we work closely with our distributors to ensure this commitment to quality and efficiency in the delivery of our products and the transmission of our values and principles during the advisory and accompanying work.



  • Prioritiy of quality in the execution of different tasks and added services to achieve maximum efficiency, eliminating costs without added value and minimising negative impacts on the environment.
  • Management oriented towards initial prevention to avoid subsequent corrections.
  • Permanent training of our employees, while fostering their sense of responsibility in the optimum performance of their work.
  • Updating and continuous improvement of internal management procedures and research and production processes, promoting the search for innovative solutions and the exchange of knowledge.
  • Application and update of the management system taking into account the economic, technical, environmental and occupational risk prevention aspects, among others.


We strive to respect the needs of producers who choose our biological products wherever they are, and we adapt to their daily reality to become their allies in the search for profitable and sustainable crops.

Beyond regulatory compliance, Symborg’s commitment to total quality is the motivation that drives our collaborators and employees to seek excellence in all their activities. We know that this is the only way to earn your trust.