Symborg launches Berso®, a new line for industrial seed treatment

Symborg presented its new business unit during the ISF World Seed Congress 2022 event, held in Barcelona between May 15 and 18.

Symborg presented its new Berso® business unit for industrial seed treatment at the ISF World Seed Congress 2022 international event, where it was also a gold sponsor. The event was organized by the International Seed Federation (ISF) between May 15 and 18 at the Fira Gran Via in Barcelona.

Berso® is Symborg’s new business unit, focused exclusively on developing biological solutions for the treatment of seeds at an industrial level. The business unit comprises an R&D, regulation, agronomy, and sales team, specifically dedicated to meeting the seed industry’s needs. The commercialized products are for industrial use and compatible with conventional seed treatments.

With the market launch of Berso®, Symborg wants to care for crops starting with the seed. We seek to offer solutions that respond to seed companies’ and farmers’ needs. We intend to move towards a more sustainable and profitable agriculture model, minimizing risks to the environment and increasing the efficiency of agricultural inputs.

The new Berso® range is composed of microorganism and biomolecule-based formulations. It currently includes two biostimulating products that increase crops’ productive potential, and resilience against stress factors and improve nutrient absorption: Industrial Resid HC and Industrial T-78.

Industrial Resid HC is composed of an exclusive species of mycorrhiza-forming fungus, Glomus iranicum var. tenuihypharum, which enhances root growth, improves water use efficiency and nutrient absorption, and strengthens the plant’s physiological activity, reaching up to 18 months of shelf life in the seed. Among the most important contributions to the crop are increased resistance to water stress, improved tolerance to salinity conditions, increased photosynthetic activity and vigor, CO2 sequestration, the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases, and optimization of crop nutrition.

Industrial T-78 is a biostimulant composed of the beneficial fungus Trichoderma harzianum T‑78, a strain differentiated by its high persistence and adaptability to all types of soils and growing substrates. Its benefits are completed by long-lasting stimulation of seed germination, resulting in increased plant growth, flowering, and production yield. T-78 increases the development of lateral roots, allowing the root to explore a greater amount of soil, absorbing more nutrients and water, and increasing the crop’s tolerance to stress factors.

The new Berso® range is adapted for use in all types of agricultural production systems, from highly intensive farming to ecological and biodynamic production systems. It is also compatible with most crop protection products used on the seed.

Berso® was born out of Symborg’s experience and knowledge in microbiology and agronomy to give farmers and the industry solutions based on proven biological products, helping them overcome the challenges faced in farming today: reducing the environmental impact of agricultural production, optimizing agricultural nutrition, limiting nutrient loss, and maximizing the efficiency of fertilization programs to achieve more robust and more resilient crops that reach their maximum productive potential even when they are subjected to stress factors such as salinity, water deficit, or global warming. In short, Berso® was created to make profitability compatible with sustainable agriculture, to achieve greater productivity with less.