How to regenerate poor soils?

Félix Fernández, Director of Technological Surveillance & Competitive Intelligence at Symborg, tells us the keys to VitaSoil, a soil regenerator based on selected rhizospheric microorganisms.


In this interview, Félix Fernández tells us about MBB 10, a soil regenerator based on selected rhizospheric microorganisms that increases the microbial population of soils and substrates in intensive agriculture systems.

By increasing the microbial population and activity in the rhizosphere of crops, it revitalizes poor soils.

According to Félix, the main benefits of MBB 10 are:

  • It prevents soil degradation, improving its structure.
  • Increases fertility and biological activity in the rhizosphere.
  • Improves the microbial balance in the rhizosphere.
  • It fixes nutritional elements such as N and makes available to the plant nutrients blocked in the soil.



Would you like to watch the full interview and find out how to regenerate poor soils? Watch it here: