Healthy soil is productive and sustainable soil

It is more than proved: Healthy soil is associated with crop productivity, as well as fruit quality, weight, and size. Plant health is also undoubtedly related to soil health. And since soil provides 95% of the food we consume, preserving it in good condition is essential for food safety. 

Probably you are wondering about the factors that influence your soil’s health. Soil health assuredly depends on a variety of factors, but this article will focus on one of vital importance: the presence of beneficial microorganisms.

We will start by saying that soil health greatly depends on the microorganisms that inhabit it. It is estimated that every centimeter of soil is home to millions of microorganisms that live in equilibrium, such as bacteria and fungi. Can you imagine that?

The importance of the presence and increase in these microorganisms is marked by their ability to improve soil structure, a function for which they are essential. In fact, soils with poor microbial flora and nutritional imbalances must be maintained through the addition of other inputs.

Our research has also demonstrated the relationship between these microorganisms and an increase in nutrient availability for the plant. This produces stronger crops that achieve a better yield and crop quality.


Solutions to promote the presence of soil microorganisms

Today’s biotechnological solutions not only help promote the presence of microorganisms in the soil, but they also do so sustainably. Qlimax, for example, is a Symborg biofertilizer that possesses an exceptional potential to energize soils, because its application multiplies the concentration of microbial flora in the soil.

Our biofertilizer, composed of fulvic acids from plant sources, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, and a selection of prebiotic molecules is especially recommended for eroded soils or soils at risk of degradation, and suitable for all types of crops and soils. It is also compatible with any other probiotic on the market based on select microorganisms, which means that it can be applied alone or in combination with other products.

How does Qlimax work? We will tell you in 4 steps:

      1. Qlimax quickly colonizes the rhizosphere. It is capable of stabilizing and developing the microbial groups related to plant nutrition and plant-soil system recovery. That is, microorganisms related to phosphate solubilization, biological nitrogen fixers, and other groups that produce beneficial substances for the soil structure and the crop.
      2. The microbiota exudes essential compounds for the formation of macroaggregates that maintain and improve soil structure. Improving soil structure also improves its recovery, decomposition, and porosity, which is why it also improves water efficiency.
      3. Thanks to increased nutrient availability, it improves the soil’s nutritional profile, resulting in better nutrient absorption by the plant. It also helps increase fertilization efficiency.
      4. Thanks to Qlimax’s effect, crops also develop greater stress tolerance, which has a positive impact on yield and crop quality.


Soil health, fundamental for the sustainability of the planet

In addition to ensuring food and nutritional safety, soils rich in nutrients and beneficial microorganisms help mitigate the harmful effects of climate change. Did you know that? They do it through carbon storage and the reduction of greenhouse gases.

We must not forget that this is another essential benefit of living soils. According to FAO data, over the last 40 years, 30% of fertile arable soils have been lost, and it takes more than 1,000 years to form a single centimeter of soil.

But that’s not all. Healthy soils can also store large amounts of water, which has positive effects when facing periods of drought and adapting to extreme rainfall.

At Symborg we are aware of this, which is why we have opted to use biotechnology for more sustainable agriculture, and our production processes follow a 360 circular economy model.

This is the reason why many farmers already trust Symborg as an ally in their sustainable agriculture strategy. And you? Do you want to join us? We are waiting for you.



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Qlimax performs as a prebiotic to multiply the concentration of microbial flora in the soil, stimulate its development and enhance its beneficial activity in the agronomic management of soil and crops.

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