More and more BioBelievers are asking themselves what role we can play in making agriculture more environmentally friendly and, at the same time, capable of feeding the world without giving up profitability.

At Symborg, we have found the answer in the possibilities offered by biotechnology, but you can also be part of it, you can also be a BioBeliever.

We are in a moment of environmental emergency where every action is important and necessary. Together, heading in the same direction, we can turn a paradoxically polluting sector into an activity that not only brings benefits, but is also respectful of the environment.


The farmer, our driver for research

We know that sometimes it’s easier said than done, and that is why we invest all our efforts to reasearch in biotechnology to provide farmers with solutions towards more profitable and sustainable agricultural practices.

As experts in microbiology in the service of agriculture, our researchers strive every day to unravel the complex web of interactions of living microorganisms involved in the production cycle of plants and to understand their functioning.

Our biotechnological solutions are an example that the solution lies in the richness of our planet’s biodiversity, which we must do our outmost to preserve.


The need to provide food for the planet’s growing population has placed farmers at a historic crossroads where we must establish the pillars of their future. The greatest challenge we face is ensuring agriculture’s sustainability by implementing solutions that reduce its environmental impact.

Will we be able to produce that growing amount of food for the world’s population without jeopardising the health of the planet’s soil, air and water? As BioBelievers, at Symborg we are convinced that we will.

We are proving that knowledge can help us use nature’s tools such as microorganisms in order to improve agricultural productivity. These are 100% natural tools that, on top of boosting plant productivity, help to improve the quality of agricultural soils and slow down climate change.


Symborg’s biotechnology is intended for all types of producers. Our agricultural products are based on microorganisms capable of surviving and maintaining their effectiveness even when used jointly with the usual fertilization protocols in conventional agriculture.

Are you an organic producer? If you are concerned about the environmental impact of your production and are looking for fertilization alternatives that really work, try Symborg products.


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