Mycorrhizal Biological Inoculant MycoUp 360

Biostimulant composed of a mycorrhizae-forming fungus that allows optimal plant development and increased production even in the presence of nematodes.

MycoUp 360 is a 100% biological inoculant composed of a new and unique species of mycorrhizal fungus Glomus iranicum var. tenuihypharum and an organic mineral complex: 360.

Glomus iranicum var. tenuihypharum promotes the growth of the root system of plants, which improves the efficiency in the absorption of water and nutrients and generates greater vegetative and generative development in the plant.

360 is an organic mineral complex that synergistically with Glomus iranicum var. tenuihypharum improves the microbial activity of the soil and allows to achieve its biological balance.

The direct benefits are:

  • Optimum development of the plant in the presence of nematodes.

  • Greater production and homogeneity of the plant.

  • Better fruit quality and commercial sizes.

  • Better physical, chemical and microbiological properties of the soil.


How it works

The fungus Glomus iranicum var. tenuihypharum present in MycoUp 360 establishes a symbiotic relationship with the plant, which provides the fungus with sugars in exchange for nutrients and water. In this way, MycoUp 360 supports the biological processes of the plant with the following beneficial effects:

  • Increase in nutrient absorption.
  • Increase in physiological activity.
  • Positive action on hormonal balance.

The organic mineral complex present in MycoUp 360 helps develop the microbial flora and favors biological efficiency in the soil.

The plant develops optimally, even in the presence of pathogenic organisms.

How it works



MycoUp 360 is recommended for outdoor or greenhouse soil horticultural crops: garlic, artichoke, celery, eggplant, zucchini, onion / calçot, escarole, asparagus, strawberry, pea, bean, fennel, green beans, lettuce, melon, potatoes, Gherkin, cucumber, parsley, pepper, paprika pepper, leek, watermelon, tomato, tomato for industry, carrot and many more.

Tomato trial

Tomato test with inoculation of nematodes at the "Tomás Ferro" Agroalimentary Experimental Farm belonging to the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT).

MycoUp 360 resultados tomate EN


Results Glomus iranicum



  • Horticultural crops (greenhouse, field, hydroponics): 2.5 lbs/acre, 7 days after transplanting.
  • Strawberries: 2.5 lbs/acre, 20 days after transplanting
  • Woody crops (citrus, pome and peach, apricot, almonds, walnuts,tropical andsubtropical trees, olive trees, grapevines, etc.): Apply 2.5 lbs/acreat early flowering.
  • For other crops, please check with our technical advisors.

How is it used?


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