Total Quality and Environmental Sustainability are two of the values that make up Symborg, a biotechnology and agricultural innovation company dedicated to the research, production, and marketing of biological products based on selected microorganisms.

Therefore, these are two essential requirements in the development of the company’s entire value chain and in the pursuit of our results, starting at the beginning of our activity, being part of the company’s management system with a sustainable approach in all our activity, taking into account the economic, environmental, and social aspects, with a permanent vision towards the continuous improvement of all processes.

Our products are made with the commitment to respond to applicable legal requirements and standards, seeking the satisfaction of our client companies and all interested parties while adapting to the context of the organization we have set up within our strategic direction; making efforts to provide and maintain a healthy and safe workplace and a sustainable future through compliance with good environmental and professional practices.


  • Commitment to the quality of Management and of the entire organization, each one being responsible for the quality of his or her own work.
  • Priority of quality in the execution of different tasks and added services, understood as compliance with the client’s requirements, elimination of costs without added value, and the application of measures required to minimize and correct the negative impacts that our activities may cause to the environment.
  • Management oriented towards initial prevention to avoid subsequent corrections.
  • Permanent training of personnel while fostering their sense of responsibility in environmental conservation.
  • Updating and continuous improvement of internal management procedures and research and production processes for best fulfilling quality commitments, respecting the environment and preventing pollution, promoting the search for innovative solutions and shared knowledge.
  • Application and update of the management system taking into account the economic, technical, environmental and occupational risk prevention aspects and, in general, all those that contribute to quality.


Symborg makes this policy accessible and available to its clients, all its employees, suppliers and the general public, as well as providing all the human, technical, and economic means necessary to achieve the objectives and goals established.