Biostimulant Resid HC

Biostimulant specially developed for the treatment of seeds that contains the exclusive species of mycorrhizal fungus Glomus iranicum var. tenuihypharum.

Resid HC is a biostimulant developed for the treatment of cereal seeds and grain crops, based on the exclusive mycorrhizal fungus Glomus iranicum var. tenuihypharum.

With the application of Resid HC, greater root development is achieved due to intense mycorrhizal colonization. This promotes greater absorption of water and nutrients that leads to greater vigor of the crop and, therefore, an increase in yield per hectare.


  • Greater production.

  • Better physical, chemical and microbiological properties of the soil.



The Glomus iranicum var. tenuihypharum fungus in Resid HC establishes a symbiotic relationship with the plant, which provides the fungus with sugars in exchange for nutrients and water. In this way, Resid HC stimulates the plant's biological processes resulting in the following beneficial effects:

  • It increases nutrient absorption.
  • It increases the plant's physiological activity.
  • It promotes the plant's hormonal balance.


Resid HC is a product meant to be applied exclusively for coating grains and seed crops, such as legumes.



RESID HC is intended for extensive arable crops: winter grains, spring grains, corn, field corn, rice, sorghum, field grains, grass fields, grass, sunflower, soybean, tobacco, cotton, alfalfa, grain legumes.


Results Glomus iranicum



Apply 1.0 kg/ha directly to the seed before sowing.


  • It is advisable to apply products based on Trichoderma spp. 10 days before or after sowing with Resid HC to avoid competition.
  • It is not recommended in admixtures with other fertilizers or phytosanitary products.


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