Jesús Juárez speaks on the State of the Industry of Biocontrol and Biologicals for 2BMonthly

2BMonthly, the Global Biocontrol & Biostimulants E-Newsletter, has caught up with senior leaders from 14 of the top biologicals companies to find out what 2021 had been like and what they anticipate happening in 2022.

In their December issue, 2BMonthly discussed 2021 news and trends and interviewed key players in the biologicals sector. Among these leaders who have been approached is Jesús Juárez, CEO of Symborg, who has shared his thoughts on the market, challenges, technologies and more.


How have you seen the market evolve in 2021?

I would highlight the evolution of the global market towards sustainability. There is a clear commitment on the part of society, which has boosted the consumption of biological solutions in the agricultural sector. At Symborg, we are receiving this input from our nine subsidiaries in Europe, America and Asia, including intensive and extensive crops, from fruit and fresh consumption to cereals and grains.


What do you see as the biggest limiting factor facing our industry?

Regulatory timing. We need the system to adapt to biological products, as they are a type of product that stands out for its low risk. Of course, food and environmental safety must always be guaranteed, but I consider that the regulatory times are too long for biological solutions classified as low risk. Therefore, the biologics industry needs the authorities to be more agile.


Where do you see the biggest disruptions coming from? Technical advancements? New markets? Application technology?

I believe they will come from technical advancements in products. Solutions that biologically provide nitrogen to the crop directly from the air are already being disruptive. These alternatives make a difference for farmers, including the efficient and sustainable use of nitrogen, capturing phosphorus from the soil, fixing CO2 and ultimately, reducing the carbon footprint. These will all be disruptive. Symborg has been working on this and we believe that part of the product disruptions will come from here.

You can read the full interview on 2BMonthly, December issue.