Raphael Godinho, Symborg’s new General Manager

Following the closing of Symborg’s acquisition by Corteva Agriscience on March 2, Raphael Godinho takes over Symborg as the new General Manager, replacing former CEO and co-founder Jesús Juárez.

Raphael Godinho, agricultural engineer, and previously Global Product Manager & Global Program Leader of Biologicals at Corteva, brings over 18 years of experience to the crop protection market worldwide.

Godinho began his relationship with Symborg by leading Corteva’s global negotiation of the distribution agreement between the two companies to expand and bring Utrisha™ N and BlueN™ nutrient efficiency optimization solutions to growers. Now, he has joined Symborg’s headquarters in Murcia, Spain, to lead Symborg’s leap into Corteva’s biological market.

Symborg and Stoller are joining forces with Corteva to create Corteva’s biological unit, Corteva Biologicals Business, to provide farmers with differentiated and sustainable biological solutions to meet their needs.

“The future of biologicals is promising,” says Raphael Godinho. “With Symborg, Stoller, and Corteva’s knowledge and tools, we will be able to create a range of biological solutions with outstanding efficiency and market relevance.”

“Symborg has a diversified portfolio, an emerging biocontrol portfolio, and skilled employees with strong technical expertise and demand generation experience in several key regions of the world, reaching more than 50 countries with its innovative biological solutions.”


The biologics market is expected to be the fastest growing crop protection segment in the industry, accounting for around 25% of the global market by 2035.

Corteva Biologicals Business will provide a space for the resources and capabilities of Symborg, Stoller, and Corteva to come together and create a dynamic, customer-focused organization while protecting each company’s uniqueness and strengths.