Corteva Agriscience acquires Symborg

Symborg will be serving farmers as part of Corteva Agriscience and its new Biologicals Business, with the company’s acquisition of Symborg and Stoller, one of the largest independent Biologicals companies in the industry.

Corteva first collaborated with Symborg to scale up and bring farmers Utrisha™ N and BlueN™ nutrient efficiency optimizers under a distribution agreement between the two companies. Symborg possesses a diversified portfolio, emerging biocontrol pipeline, and skilled employees with robust technical knowledge and demand generation expertise. With subsidiaries in Brazil, Chile, China, France, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Turkey, and the United States, Symborg reaches more than 50 countries with its innovative biological solutions.

The biologicals market is expected to be the fastest-growing crop protection segment in the industry, representing 25% of the overall market by 2035.

The Corteva Biologicals Business will provide a space for the resources and capabilities of Symborg, Stoller and Corteva to come together and create a dynamic and customer-focused organization — while protecting the uniqueness and strength of each company. Corteva is bringing together the complementary strengths of biologicals, traditional crop protection products and seed geneticsto expand Symborg’s proven capabilities for delivering differentiated, sustainable solutions to customers.