Biostimulant based on a unique mycorrhiza-forming fungus that acts in symbiosis with the crop to increase its productive potential.

MycoUp® is a biostimulant of microbial origin based on the unique Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungus (AMF) Glomus iranicum var. tenuihypharum.

MycoUp® acts in symbiosis with crops to increase their productive potential, thus achieving Extraordinary Crops:

  • Extra efficient crops, capable of using every drop of water and every gram of nutrient.
  • Extra resilient crops, more tolerant of abiotic stresses such as droughts, extreme temperatures or high salinity conditions.
  • Extra profitable crops: capable of increasing their production and improving the quality parameters of the fruits.



Patented by Symborg, Glomus iranicum var. tenuihypharum has a broad scientific literature with up to 18 published papers, as well as hundreds of successful agricultural experiences in crops and regions around the world.

All of this makes MycoUp® the market-leading biostimulant and Glomus iranicum var. tenuihypharum the best companion for your crops.



MycoUp® brings your agrosystems a mutually beneficial relationship between plants and fungi that nature has tested and contrasted for millions of years: Mycorrhizal symbiosis. In this long-lasting symbiotic relationship, the fungus supplies the plant with water and nutrients, and in exchange, the plant provides the fungus with sugars derived from photosynthesis.

Thanks to the unique characteristics of Glomus iranicum var. tenuihypharum, the symbiosis becomes so efficient that it benefits the crop for instance increasing the root system of the crop and its photosynthetic capacity. In addition, mycorrhizal symbiosis allows crops to increase CO2 sequestration and make more efficient use of water (WUE) and nutrients (NUE).

This cycle of mycorrhizal symbiosis has a much longer lasting effect than other forms of biostimulation. MycoUp® is, definitely, the biostimulant that helps you overcome the real challenge of agriculture: being more efficient.

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Produces up to 4 times more extramatrical mycelium than other fungi
Extramatrical mycelium is the set of exploratory hyphae of the fungus that absorb water and nutrients and transport them to the plant. 4 times more extramatrical mycelium means up to 4 times more capacity to explore the soil volume.
Reproduces outside of the root and with very small spores
Common mycorrhizal fungi reproduce inside the root. This fungus sporulates outside the root and with very small spores, so it does not clog or break the absorbent hairs of the plant's roots, thus avoiding the consequent energy expenditure.
Tolerance of salinity levels more than double the appropriate
Glomus iranicum var. tenuihypharum has a high resistance to saline conditions, being able to grow in soils with values up to 6 dS/m.


Effects on strawberry MycoUp



MycoUp® is a very effective biostimulant in all types of soil, especially those affected with high levels of salinity. MycoUp® has been designed to be applied through any irrigation system, though drip irrigation is the most recommended.

In what crops should MycoUp® be applied?
The efficacy of MycoUp® has been rested in a wide variety of crops, such as open-air veggies, greenhouse veggies, potatoes, berries, nuts, stone and pip fruits, tropical fruits, citrus fruits and table grapes.

How is the product used?

What is the dose and time of application of MycoUp® for different crops?

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