How VitaSoil works

How the phyto-fortifying rhizospheric microbial complex works.

How VitaSoil works

VitaSoil acts directly establishing an efficient rhizospheric microbial flora. It offers the following benefits:

1) It avoids soil degradation

The composition of the rhizosphere plays a fundamental role in the preservation of agricultural soils. With the selected rhizospheric microorganisms present in VitaSoil, the main functions of the rhizosphere are reinforced, thus avoiding the degradation of agricultural soils.

2) It increases fertility and biological activity in the rhizosphere

Thanks to the introduction of beneficial microorganisms in the rhizosphere with VitaSoil, the availability of nitrogen, phosphorus and microelements is promoted, therefore improving the fertility and biological activity of the soil.

3) Improves the microbial balance in the rhizosphere

VitaSoil has a positive impact on the pathogenic pressure in the root by stabilizing the microbial population: it reduces the population of pathogens and therefore the impact of plant diseases.

4) It fixes N and makes blocked nutrients in the soil available to the plant

On the one hand, microorganisms help unblock or solubilize nutrients that are not available to the plant. On the other hand, these microorganisms improve the transfer or assimilation of nutrients from the soil to the plant. The application of VitaSoil produces an increase in the movement of nutrients to the plant, so a maximizing effect is achieved in the transfer of nutrients to the plant.