Biofertilizer products increase nutrient availability for crops in an environmentally sustainable way. The biofertilizers developed by Symborg are products based on microorganisms that are beneficial to the soil, live associated or in symbiosis with plants and naturally help in the plants’ nutrition and growth processes.

Symborg organic fertilizers enhance the productivity of a wide variety of crops, leading to larger crops with more and better fruits. In addition, these organic fertilizers improve the soil and the environment in general with both organic and traditional crops.



Biofertilizers developed by Symborg offer multiple benefits:

  • They improve crop productivity.
  • They improve the quality of the soil, keeping it in optimal cultivation conditions.
  • They prevent contamination of water bodies.
  • They enhance the assimilation of nitrogen, phosphorus, copper and iron, among other nutrients.
  • They require less energy for their production.
  • They can be used in most soils.

Respect for the Environment Biofertilizers


Thanks to the progress made since Symborg began its activity in 2009 as well as the satisfactory results obtained by those who have placed their trust in us, today, we and our agrotech product family can be found in many countries.

We plan on expanding to several continents, and always aim to improve the quality of our fertilizers and raise our customers’ confidence in their effectiveness. The use of microorganisms as natural inoculants is being increasingly tested by more farmers. Keep reading for the next proposals we are preparing.


The market of agricultural producers that demand organic fertilizers increases because awareness grows around the need to turn agriculture into a sustainable activity. It also occurs within the market of conventional farmers, whose products are not intended for the organic farming market.

More and more producers worldwide are considering using natural products to preserve the quality of the soil. Thanks to research, the market offers organic fertilizers like Symborg’s, based on microorganisms that have been proven to be effective, achieving absolute respect for the environment.

Glomus iranicum var. Tenuihypharum

Our sustainable fertilizers are based on the action of Glomus iranicum var. tenuihypharum, a mycorrhizal fungus that was discovered and valued by Symborg. This organism has properties that improve root growth and can be satisfactorily applied to most crops. It is the basis of our range of products that include phytofortifiers, microbial regenerators and biological inoculants. You can view the technical data sheets of each of the different solutions we sell on our website to learn about their key uses and applications in detail.