Enhance the value

of your seeds

From the field to the seed

At Berso®, we know how to enhance the value of seeds, making them become powered and sustainable crops.

We combine our biological solutions and agronomic expertise, to provide you with tailored services that suits your application methods.

Lead the Biological

Seed Revolution with a trusted partner

Expert team

(R&D, engineers, agronomists, advisors, regulatory,) continuously working on the next seed paramount: Biologicals

  • • New and innovative solutions for seed treatment that make strong crops
  • • Adding value for the seed based on exclusive solutions, bringing differentiation and Return on Investment (ROI) for the customer
  • Committed for a better world, more sustainable, more productive
  • • Service and Support: Tailored solutions with quality standards for optimal seed treatment

Our exclusive biotechnological innovation to effectively apply microbials onto seeds

At Berso®, we have developed a method industrially applicable and compatible with conventional seed treatments. Our biotechnologies can adapt to each client. From the optimal dose to the mode of application.

  • Formulations based in microbials and biomolecules
  • Adaptability to seed treatment processes
  • Field-proven biological solutions
  • Suitable for all types of agriculture, including organic and protected areas (organic certifications)
  • Compatible with Crop Protection Products (CPP)
  • Compatible with genetically modified crops
  • Low dose of use

A universe of caring for crops from the seed

Tailored Services

Tailor solutions to your needs. Proficient support to effectively apply our microbials onto seeds. Tailored development of specific application protocol for every agronomic management and crop.  

Biological Solutions

Expertise on microbiology and incorporating biologicals onto seeds. Innovative pipeline focused on unique, proven, and effective solutions.

Agronomic Expertise

Sustainable solutions designed to make better resource efficiency and drive agricultural transformation. Enhances crop resilience and sustains productivity.

Quality standards

for optimal seed treatment

Among the main analyzes carried out by our R&D team, to guarantee the highest industry standards we find:

  • • Seed germination study in which we verify that there are no adverse effects after treatment.
  • • Compatibility analysis of the different coating products with our biotechnology (as is the case with fungicides)
  • • Heubach test that limits the emission of dust that the manipulation of a large number of treated seeds can generate.
  • • Flowability study, important to ensure that the seeds do not obstruct each other when applied by sowing machines.
  • • Viability test over time of our product once the seed is treated and stored.
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Custom solutions

Stronger plant growth
from the seed

Biostimulant composed of the unique species of mycorrhizae-forming fungus: Glomus iranicum var. tenuihypharum. Resid HC Industrial enhances root growth, improves water use efficiency (WUE) and nutrient uptake and boosts physiological activity of the plant.

  • Improves crop potential
  • Boosts resistance to water stress.
  • Improves tolerance to salinity conditions
  • Improves fertilizer and nutrient uptake efficiency
  • Enhance photosynthetic activity and vigor
  • CO2 sequestration and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Up to 18 months shelf life on seed
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Custom solutions

Alliviates stresses
from the seed

Biostimulant composed of the Trichoderma harzianum T-78 benefical fungus. This strain features a high persistence and adaptability to all types of soils and crop substrates.

  • Promotes seed germination, plant growth, flowering and production yields
  • Promotes stronger and more uniform crops
  • Increases the development of lateral roots
  • Increases abiotic stress tolerance
  • Stimulates plant root growth
  • Long lasting effect
Matching sustainability and
profitability for the seed industry

At Berso®, we focus on developing the most effective and sustainable solutions to make seed companies and growers meet their goals while minimizing risks for the environment.

Growing population to feed, climate change, soil degradation and the need to improve water and nutrient use efficiency moves us to help building an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable sector.